Le 31 mai à 14h, le laboratoire GIPSA-lab invite Salvador SOTO-FRARACO (Université de Barcelone) pour un séminaire sur le thème Multisensory Integration at the crossroads of Attention, Conflict and Awareness.


The benefits of perceiving and integrating information across different sensory systems have been profusely described in the past. For example, it is often easier to hear someone’s speech through the noise of a loud bar when we can see their face or, orienting to the blare of an ambulance siren often involves looking for flashing lights. These multisensory phenomena have been extensively studied in the laboratory, but often under simplified conditions, where attention can be easily focused on the relevant stimuli. However, these focused attention conditions in the laboratory are very different from everyday life scenarios, where many relevant and irrelevant sensory events can co-occur within a short time window and perhaps at close locations in space. I will present the results of our recent and past studies across various domains of perception that illustrate how endogenous factors, such as selective attention, conflict resolution, or consciousness, can strongly mediate the phenomenological and physiological expression of multisensory integration. Altogether, my intention is to conclude that multisensory integration in perception cannot be understood without its interplay with top down attention, and that this interplay may lead to radically different experiences of otherwise similar sensory events.

Lieu, Gipsa-lab, salle B314, Batiment Ampère, 3eme étage