Le jeudi 9 novembre 2017 à 14 h, le laboratoire d'informatique de Grenobe invite George Wright (head of Internet research at BBC R&D) pour un séminaire intitulé State of the Art Media Research. Cet évènement est proposé dans le cadre des séminaires "fléchés" qu'organisent depuis 5 ans le Pôle Grenoble Cognition et le Master de Sciences Cognitives. Ils constituent des temps forts dans la formation des étudiants qui sont invités à échanger avec l'intervenant.


AV material (video, audio, text, images) forms the backbone of the BBC’s current output, recent storage and historical archives. Our R&D teams work across a number of different domains. One specific problem space involves dealing with huge amounts of data split across sites, spanning many broadcast channels and formats. Our research helps the BBC create, capture, store, and analyse multimedia content.
This talk explains some of our current thinking, looks at some problems we face, and attempts to explain why these problems are an exciting opportunity to use current state of the art thinking about networks, user interface, and image or file retrieval.
I will describe three current problems we are involved with, detail the logistical and technical challenges and then walk through our technical approach. I will also explain why commercial, off the shelf or existing free/ open source solutions are not always suitable, and thus why we ‘roll our own’ technical solutions for a lot of our problems. Finally, I will look at some of the ethical, legal and human factors involving our research and work, especially those surrounding Big Data.


Lieu : Amphi du bâtiment IMAG, 700 avenue Centrale